African Center for Reseach Conflict Management and développement (ACRCD)

Typology: Member and partner of REGENERATION MATRIX and extensions.

Aims of the structure:

  • Vision :

Building a responsible society where people live in harmony and social cohesion for the socio-economic development of their respective environments

  • Goal

Strengthen peaceful cohabitation, social cohesion between post-conflict populations through dialogue and peace education

Fight against discrimination based on gender (promotion of the participation of young men and women in the process of seeking peace and local development)

Organize series of monitoring and protection activities for advocacy in favor of

Raise awareness populations to respect human rights, in particular children and women in distress

Promote community health through sensitization and community mobilization

Promote participatory action research in conflict management and transformation.

  • Area of intervention

Holistic and participatory research

Lobbying and Advocacy

Management and transformation conflicts

Empowerment of rural women

The socio-economic integration of children released from forces and armed groups

Civic education, health and environment

Emergency assistance

  • Intervention strategy

Establish local committees of peace ambassadors at the local level

Involvement of young men and women in the process of seeking peace and local development

Monitoring and diagnosis of incident cases for effective advocacy

Setting up a network (local committees) staff to liaise with the population affected by atrocities in eastern DRC.

Promote local development research Through participatory research

coordination and the base

Establishment of a database to store information and research results

Prioritize capacity building for staff and beneficiaries for assiduous work

  • Activities carried out in 2019-2020

Days of reflection on peace

Capacity building for ambassadors for peace

Monitoring and advocacy activities

Sensitization of young men and women on the non-discrimination of girls and women in the process of the search for peace and local development in their respective circles

  • Intervention zone

Intervenes in three territories

Good to know:

Uvira in the Bijombo group, Kigoma and the Ruzizi plain

Fizi in the Tanganyika sector

Mutambala in Bibokoboko and Minembwe

Mwenga in Itombwe sector

Contact :


Directeur et représentation légal de l’ACRCD asbl RDC